• Over 100 Different Types of Sake Products
  • Discover Craft Sake – Prices Starting as low as ¥300
  • Yokohama’s ONLY American owned Sake Tasting Room and Retail Shop


National beverage of Japan

Maybe drinking beer and wine are common in your home town, but if you are in Japan, you MUST discover what sake is all about !

Sake is brewed – not distilled and not  strong like sprits. It is made by rice alone. The alcohol content is usually about 16%, and relativery easy to drink.


Great place to try different sake

Meishu Center Yokohama is a Sake Tasting and Retail shop offering over 100 different types of sake. We carry primarily Jizake (small artisan brewers located in Japan’s countryside). Our collection of sake is sourced from forty producers spanning all regions of Japan.

Each product specification is labeled in both English and Japanese. For the Sake Enthusiast, you can be the proverbial “kid in the candy store” by accessing your bottles from a wide variety of craft sake. For the Beginner, it’s a fun and affordable place to sample and learn about the beauty of sake.

Sample as many as you want. Buy a bottle of your favorite sake to take home !




Fun and Affordable sake experience

  1. Browse: View 100 different sake. Admire the artistic labels.
    – For Enthusiast: Each bottle is described in detail.  Specifications of category and grade are available in both Japanese and English.
    – For the Beginner:  Allow our staff to guide you to match your taste profile.  Or ask for staff recommendations based on their knowledge.
  2. Choose:  Select bottles from the reach-in-cooler and return to your table.  Our staff will pour a 60ml serving per glass.  Select up to three bottles per person for tasting sets.
  3. Pay:  Staff will collect payment after each serving.
  4. KANPAI !
  5. Repeat


Want to know “Sake Basics” ?


The owner is American

Brian Hutto moved to Japan from San Francisco, CA. He has gained deep knowledge about sake by visiting numerous kuras (breweries), formal sake education and participating with industry tasting events. He completed the Sake Professional Course and is a Certified Sake Professional (CSP) educated in Japan. He is also licensed sake exporter.


Near Yokohama station

Access to Meishu Center Yokohama is convenient. A 6 minute walk from Yokohama Station located at Okano Cho Intersection.


Address: < 〒220-0005 Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Nishi-ku, Minamisaiwai, 2-18-3, Japan > » Google Map «