Yokohama Station – 26 minutes from Shibuya

There are many advantages to living and having a business in near Yokohama station.  Tokyo is the business center of Japan.  Nearby is Yokohama with many of the urban amenities of Tokyo, combined with a breathable suburban comfort.  Yokohama Station is the hub of Kanagawa Prefecture.


Yokohama Station is only twenty-six minutes from Shibuya Station, which is in central Tokyo.  To many, it is surprisingly convenient to Tokyo.  The limited express Shonan-Shinjuku JR Line is only four stops from Shibuya to Yokohama.  Many living in Tokyo require at least twenty-six minutes to access Shibuya Station transferring on their local subways.


Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan.  Yokohama Station is the fifth busiest station in the world.  The Kanagawa Prefecture is Tokyo’s suburb.  Yokohama Station is the hub for access for many Tokyo workers.


There are six separate JR Lines available at Yokohama Station.  Additionally, there is the Keikyu Line, Sotetsu Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Minatomirai Line, and the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line.


Considering the size of Yokohama Station, there are relatively few housing options that are within a six-minute walk to the station.  Having a home and business near Yokohama Station has been a good decision for me.  Yokohama is port city that has a history of being foreign friendly.  Yokohama is still one of the busiest ports in Japan.  There are historical western architectural homes that have been preserved from when foreign merchants arrived to Japan over a century ago.


Yokohama Station is also the nearby location of Nissan’s new modern world headquarters.  It is a lively business and shopping location.  Access to Haneda Airport is merely 22 minutes.  When starting a business in Japan, Yokohama seemed like a solid choice.  The market is not as saturated as Tokyo.  It is also easily accessible to Tokyo to participate in the many industry events that occur in Tokyo.  It is also less expensive that Tokyo.


For leisure, it is convenient to some historic coastal cities and beaches.  Kamakura is a coastal city about twenty minutes from Yokohama Station.  It is a popular daytrip for visitors staying in Tokyo.  The once capital city of Japan is rich in culture with numerous shrines and temples.  Zushi Station is only thirty minutes from Yokohama Station and is home to some great beaches in Japan.


Trains in Japan are extremely convenient.  However, the cost of commuting can add up.  Another advantage of having my business and home near Yokohama Station allows minimal fees for commuting each day.  At the same time, I am living and working in a lively and vibrant area.  When it is necessary to attend a meeting or industry event Tokyo, it is very easy.


Yokohama Station is currently undergoing some development.  A twenty plus story building is currently under way that will include office and retail space.  The completion is scheduled to coincide in time for the 2020 Olympics.


While Yokohama Station is a hub, it has progressed into a destination.  Great shopping, dining and sake bars are available near Yokohama Station.