Hayama is a nice town to visit

With the arrival of one of Japans most cherished holidays, Golden Week ushers in the change of season of warm pleasant weather at the beginning of May.  The national holiday is the longest period of time that Japanese workers receive for holiday.  Many companies will close during the first week of May.  So it is a busy period for travel and leisure throughout Japan.


This the perfect time of year to visit and explore some of Japans beach areas.  One such town is Hayama.  It is only a thirty-minute train ride from Yokohama.  From Yokohama Station on the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line, to the last station, Zushi Station.  The arrival at Zushi station gives a sense that you are in a more relaxed and laid-back beach town.  From Zushi Station, Hayama is a short ten-minute bus ride.


Hayama is a small unpretentious community that is appears to be somewhat exclusive.  Even the emperor of japan has a summer home in Hayama.  The location has much to offer.  There is some great nature and serenity from the nearby hustle and bustle of Yokohama and Tokyo.  It is not merely the beaches.


The Morito Shrine is a worthy destination in Hayama.  It is a beachside shrine where there are views of Enoshima island and Mt. Fuji.  Its a picturesque place with natural beauty and serenity.  The views of Mt. Fuji from Hayama are better in the winter.  The best visibility for Mt. Fuji is during the cold weather months of fall and winter due to atmosphere conditions.  But the mornings are the bet time to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji during the spring in Hayama.


Nearby the Morito Shrine is the Hayama Marina Yacht Club.  There are some impressive sailing yachts at the marina.  Also, the marina has some nice facilities including shops restaurant and café.  It is a good location for enjoying the views of the boats coming in and out after their day on the water.


The access to Hayama from Zushi station is easy by bus.  However, the access is gained primarily by one road.  During the summer months traffic and congestion can cause delays.  It is a great area for cyclists.  Obviously you can avoid some of the traffic delays.  The winding roads along the seaside make for interesting cycling.  Many cycling enthusiasts escape to Hayama for their long weekend rides.  Check out sites like MapMyRide.com or bikemap.com to discover some favorite cycling routes from other riders.


Hayama is a great escape from Tokyo and Yokohama.  It offers a quick fix for the serenity and resort feeling without having to plan a holiday.  The beaches at Zushi can tend to be more popular and crowded.  The Hayama beaches are with a little extra commute if you seek a quiet peaceful opportunity for beach and nature.  It is a destination that should be on anybody’s list that eeks clean calm ocean waters to cool off in the hot humid summers.  If you live in the Tokyo or Yokohama, this is a must try daytrip.