The Bay Quarter

The Bay Quarter is a shopping facility located ay the east exit of Yokohama Station.  It is unlike any ordinary shopping mall.  The Bay Quarter is a five story building with a unique architectural design inspired by a cruise ship.  It’s only 3 minutes from the crowded central gate of Yokohama Station, but is a serene waterfront facility.


Most of the dining options are on the fourth and fifth floors and offer ocean views from the outdoor terrace.  There is also a docking area located at the Bay Quarter.  A water taxi makes stops at the Bay Quarter and offers shuttles to Minatomirai and Yamashita Park.


If you are a beer or sake enthusiast, there are two shops worth exploring.  First, is a sake shop that focuses on regional products.  The store carries products exclusively produced in Ishikawa, Niigata, Fukui, Toyama, and Nagano   There is a sake bar located inside the store where the offer about six different selections available by the glass.  Also there is a a tap system for eight different sake.  These eight sake appear like a typical draft beer dispensers.  It is a modern temperature controlled system.  The feature of this concept is that it allows customer to create their unique personalized sake.  The store offers various empty bottles in different sizes that are produced from the regions.  Customer can purchase their bottle and fill up the sake of their choice.  There is also an option to create your own label too.


In addition to sake, there are numerous specialty foods from each of the prefectures.  Most of the gourmet food products are designed to complement the local sake.   There is a wide selection of local snacks, sauces that are otherwise unavailable unless you visit one of the prefectures.  Swan Lake beer is also available.  The beer is brewed in Niigata.  There is a nice selection of glassware for sake.  Sets of ochoko (sake cups) and various vessels for sake.  They range from everyday use and special occasion and luxury sets..  The store is perfect for finding a unique gift or souvenir.


On the fifth floor of bay Quarter is Kirin Beer City.  These beer restaurants are located throughout Japan.  However, there are only a few Kirin Beer City Plus located in japan.  Kirin Beer City Plus offers a exceptional lunch featuring a buffet of salad and soup.  The salad ingredients are sourced from their local organic farm.  In addition to mixed greens, there are many root vegetables such as white carrots, purple carrots, red core radish and turnips.  It is common to have an option for assorted beans,  The ingredients will change periodically based on seasonal availability.  The quality and freshness is excellent.


Included with the all you eat salad buffet is a soup selection.  Usually it is a light broth based soup with vegetables.  Finally there is a beverage bar too.  It offers a selection of orange juice, tea, coffee, iced coffee, and white wine.  The best part about this lunch menu is the price.  For the all you can eat soup and salad, you have a choice of a warm French bread or rice.  The price is around ¥800.  There is also an option to select one of the many lunch entress and include the salad soup and beverage bar as an addition.  The average lunch price is then about ¥1100.


On a nice day, this is a perfect lunch destination.  There is terrace seating with ocean views.  Inside there is a floor to ceiling window for diners to enjoy the view from inside.  This a popular lunch spot for women that may not otherwise be interested in the typical Kirin Beer City menu.  The Kirin Beer City Plus is a great healthy lunch option.  This probably one of the better lunch deals you will find.  The food, quality and ambience are hard to beat.  When you leave there is even a to-go cup for a coffee or iced coffee.