Real Italian chef, Rosarios

Noge is located near Yokohama Station. One stop from Yokohama Station is Sakuragicho Station, accessible on the JR line. On port side of the station is the stylish Minato Mirai area. Minato Mirai is home of Landmark Tower, the third tallest building in Japan. The buildings in the area are architecturally contemporary. It is sophisticated and new with high end retail and luxury brand name shopping. Companies such as Chiyoda and Nissan have office space in the area.

On the opposite side of Sakuragicho Station is a stark contrast to Minato Mirai. Noge is a bit older and rougher around the edges. It is an area that has a reputation as a popular eating and drinking destination. The area is densely packed with small Japanese style bars and restaurants. It is easy to find numerous izakayas, tachinomi style yakitoris, and traditional Japanese sweets shops. The area has gained a reputation and a good place for no-frills dining, good quality food and competitive prices. Now, more restaurants looking to open in the popular food centric area.

Two years ago an Italian restaurant opened in the central part of the Noge’s izakaya area. The name of the restaurant is Rosarios. It is a casual and popular place for fresh pasta dishes, homemade pizzas and Italian wine. Outside there is a standing are for those that simply want to enjoy wine and a quick appetizer. Inside there is counter seating and tables. The open kitchen is a compact for the affable and sizable chef for whom the restaurant is named after.

Like the Noge area itself, Rosarios is casual home-style Italian eatery. The pizza menu is extensive with over 15 different options. The imported pepperoni are sliced per order in the kitchen. There are several non-meat options that include a 4 cheese pizza, sardine option, and well as assorted mushroom pizza. At times there is also homemade lasagna available, cut and served from the deep baking pan that is displayed at the counter. Portions are generous and warmed before serving on a plate. The layers of ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses are combined with assorted sliced vegetables, crushed tomatoes and seasonings.

The popular beverage option for most customers is wine. There is a range of Italian wines that are mostly quite affordable. Most recently, Rosarios has opened a new wine bar. The wine bar is located across the street nearby from the restaurant. However, since the food is more secondary at the new wine bar, it is common the find Rosario spending most of his time at his popular pizza and pasta location.

Rosarios is a great option for homestyle and homemade quality Italian food. It is authentic and affordable, which make it a place where many customers tend to return and become repeat customers.