Standing Steak restaurant in Yokohama

Yokohama vegetarians beware!  Ikinari Steak,, the popular Japanese steakhouse, has arrived to Yokohama.


The restaurant industry is similar to the fashion industry; it constantly evolves and seeks trends to capture consumers’ attention.  Restaurant gimmicks come and go.  Ikinari Steak is a refreshingly brilliant concept that has wide appeal to most everyone, unless you re a vegetarian.


Ikinari Steak is a standing restaurant that offers, well, steak of coarse.  Ikinari Steak began almost three years ago in japan, and it’s popularity has resulted in over 100 locations now.  Most significantly is their location in New York City.  Dining while standing at a restaurant is a very foreign concept in the United States.  However, New Yorkers are willing to stand in line to wait their turn for a standing space and to order their choice of quality beef.


Back in Yokohama, Ikinari Steak opened a location in early 2017 at the developing Okano-cho intersection.  The Okano-cho intersection is located five minutes from Yokohama Station west exit.  It’s the location of the ramen shop that people flock to and are willing to wait in long lines.  Now, across the street from the famous ramen shop line are the lines for Ikinari Steak.


While the standing concept of eating and drinking is common in Japan, the idea of a standing steakhouse is quite unique.  During a recent visit to the new Yokohama location, we arrived at 2:30 to avoid peak lunch hour.  We were greeted by the staff person and were escorted to our “seats”…or rather standing station.  After reviewing the menu, customers then take their table number and approach the kitchen area to place their order.  The person that takes the order is also the same person that will personally cut your order from large side of beef .  The choices range from  filet, rib eye, or sirloin cuts.  The order is then grilled to rare to medium rare and served on a sizzling hot iron skillet and delivered to the standing station.  For those that prefer to have their meat cooked more, the hot serving plate will allow you adjust the doneness of your steak.


The steak is accompanies with corn kernels which take on a sweet and crunchy texture after roasting on the hot iron skillet.  The standing station has a variety of sauces.  The soy based steak sauce in is a popular and perfect combination.  Most people choose a side of rice with their steak.  There are other options of side dishes that are a la cart.  Also there is beer and wine available.


However, the main feature here is steak.  The concept is simple.  It is also interactive.  The idea of standing and eating is more sociable.  The ordering process requires patrons to approach the butcher to view and order your choice of cut.  The standing concept helps induce the turnover of customers.  This model allows greater volume for the restaurant and the ability of offer low prices.  It is a perfect solution for the meat lovers that can enjoy high quality steak without damaging the wallet too much.


Ikinari Steak is another addition to the developing Okano-cho section of Yokohama Station.  This is a worthy destination and an fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a quality steak.  Perhaps Ikinari Steak is less expensive than buying a steak from the supermarket and cooking it at home.  The popularity of Ikinari Steak continues and guests continue to stand in line to wait for a chance to continue standing to eat their steak.